Frequency Modulation ( FM )


    Q.1    A FM signal which has a resting freq. Of 103.000 MHz & whose lowest frequency is 102.993 MHz when modulated by a particular wave. The highest freq. reached by the FM wave is?
    A)    103.00 MHz
    B)    103.007 MHz
    C)    103.014 MHz
    D)    103.070 MHz

    Q.2   Narrow band FM signal which is generated by a 6 KHz signal modulating a 100 MHz carrier. The BW of the NBFM is?
    A)    6 KHz
    B)    12 KHz
    C)    60 KHz
    D)    120 KHz

    Q.3   Which of the following can demodulate an FM signal?
    A)    PM demodulator followed by an integrator
    B)    Integrator followed by PM demodulator
    C)    PM demodulator followed by a differentiator
    D)    Differentiator followed by PM demodulator

    Q.4    Differentiator followed by PM demodulator?
    A)    5
    B)    10
    C)    20
    D)    40