Frequency Modulation ( FM )


  1. Open a webpage of Remote Trigger Advanced Communication Enggineering Lab & fill in your login credentials.

  2. Select RTACE under the List of Labs to go to the experiment page.

  3. To perform the experiment on Slot System, student has to book their slot time. Student should click on Slot Booking.

  4. Select your experiments desired from the drop down list of experiments i.e. in this case is "Frequency Modulation" & hit Run button.

  5. The performed experiment waveforms can be seen in the DSO window.

  6. On to the function generator & scope page, you can get access to controls by right clicking on the scope & then on to the "Request Control of VI".
  7. Adjust the function generator using its soft controls for an output with the following specifications:
    • Waveshape: Square Wave
    • Frequency: 20 KHz exactly
    • Modulation: FM
    • Amplitude: 4 Vpp
    • DC Offset: 0 V
  8. Adjust the scope's Timebase control to view two or so cycles of the function generator's output.

  9. You can also view its Frequency Spectrum by going on to link of DSA (Dynamic Signal Analyser) but firstly you have to stop the scope because they both use the same resource, so at one time only one can access the signal.