Pulse Width Modulation_555


Q.1    Pulse Width Modulation is also called?
A)    Pulse Amplitude Modulation
B)    Pulse Position Modulation
C)    Pulse Duration Modulation
D)    None of these

Q.2    PWM is encodes a signal into periodic pulses of?
A)    Equal amplitude of varying width
B)    Equal amplitude but equal width
C)    Varying amplitude & varying width
D)    None of these

Q.3    Aliening occurs when _________?
A)    Sampling rate is greater than – rate
B)    Sampling rate is less than – rate
C)    When the message signal contains
D)    Both B & C

Q.4     With natural sampling, the pulses in the PWM signals are?
A)    Flat
B)    Have all the same amplitude
C)    Follow the waveform of the message signal
D)    Very wide

Q.5     In Pulse width modulation the width of the pulse is varied in accordance with?
A)    Modulated Signal
B)    Carrier Signal
C)    Instantaneous level of the modulating signal
D)    None of these