Binary Phase Shift Keying ( BPSK ) Modulation


    Q.1    The constellation diagram of BPSK has ______ dots?
    A)    2
    B)    1
    C)    0
    D)    None of these

    Q.2    Bits of duration Tb are to be transmitted using a BPSK modulation with a carrier of frequency fc Hz. The power spectral density of the transmitted signal has the first null at the normalized frequency?
    A)    | f – fc | Tb = 0
    B)    | f – fc | Tb = 1
    C)    | f – fc | Tb = 2
    D)    | f – fc | Tb = 4

    Q.3    Which of the following is not a digital to analog conversion?
    A)    Amplitude Shift Keying
    B)    Frequency Shift Keying
    C)    Frequency Modulation
    D)    Pulse Code Modulation

    Q.4    ASK, BPSK and FSK are the examples of ______ conversion?
    A)    Digital to Digital
    B)    Analog to Digital
    C)    Digital to Analog
    D)    Analog to Analog

    Q.5    Which one of the following circuit is used to produce BPSK signal?
    A)    Low Pass filter
    B)    Carrier Recovery Circuit
    C)    Balanced modulator
    D)    Diode detector