Non - Inverting Amplifier


Q.1     A non inverting closed loop op-amp circuit generally has a gain factor?
A)    Less than one
B)    Greater than one
C)    Equal to one
D)    Zero
Ans : B

Q.2    Op-amp uses?
A)    Only + ve Voltage
B)    Only - ve Voltage
C)    Dual supply, i.e., ± Vcc
D)    None of these
Ans : C

Q.3    Op-amp is a /an?
A)    Differential amplifier
B)    Oscillator
C)    Rectifier
D)    None of these
Ans : A

Q.4    Op-amp operates at?
A)    Very high voltage (~ 10 mili Volt)
B)    High voltage (~ 100 KV)
C)    Medium voltage (~ 220 Volt)
D)    Low voltage (~ 12 Volt)
Ans : D

Q.5    Slew rate of an ideal op-amp is ?
A)    Infinite
B)    Very High
C)    Low
D)    Very Low
Ans : A