2nd Order Low Pass Filter


    Q.1     What is the function of the filter?
    A)    Filtering either one frequency or range of frequencies
    B)    Increasing the frequency and amplitude
    C)    Decreasing the frequency and amplitude
    D)    None of these

    Ans :     (A)

    Q.2    Low Pass Circuit offers easy passes of ________ to load?
    A)   Low Frequency Signal
    B)   High Frequency Signal
    C)   Both
    D)   None of these
    Ans :     (A)

    Q.3    If R1 = R2 and C1 = C2, then the cut-off frequency of LPF is ?
    A)   f = 1 / 2πRC
    B)   f = 2πRC
    C)   f = 4πRC
    D)   f = √ 2πRC2
    Ans :     (A)

    Q.4    Application of Low Pass Filter is?
    A)   Suppressing the noise
    B)   Addition of noise
    C)   Both
    D)   None
    Ans :     (A)

    Q.5    BODE Plot is a graph plotting of?
    A)   Amplitude or phase on X-axis and Frequency on Y-axis
    B)   Amplitude or phase on Y-axis and Frequency on X-axis
    C)   Both
    D)   None
    Ans :     (B)