Pulse Code Modulation Encoding


    Q.1    PCM is an example of _______ conversion?
    A)    digital to digital
    B)    digital to analog
    C)    analog to analog
    D)    analog to digital

    Q.2    If the frequency spectrum of a signal has a bandwidth of 500 Hz with the highest frequency at 600 Hz, what should be the sampling rate, according to the Nyquist theorem?
    A)    200
    B)    500
    C)    1000
    D)    1200

    Q.3   The Nyquist theorem specifies the minimum sampling rate to be_______?
    A)    equal to the lowest frequency of a signal
    B)    equal to the highest frequency of a signal
    C)    twice the bandwidth of a signal
    D)    twice the highest frequency of a signal

    Q.4    Which quantization level results in a more faithful reproduction of the signal?
    A)    2
    B)     8
    C)    16
    D)    32

    Q.5    Block coding can help in _______ at the receiver?
    A)   Synchronization
    B)    Error detection
    C)    Attenuation
    D)    (A) & (B)

    Q.6    The first step in PCM is ________?
    A)    Quantization
    B)     Modulation
    C)    Sampling
    D)    None of these