Pulse Code Modulation Encoding

Calculations & Observations

Fig.1 Showing a PCM-Encoding data (blue) of a Ground (green).

The Fig.1 shows the PCM Encoding of a 0 V Ground but sampled that signal at an intervals desired by a clock signal of 10 kHz given in the PCM Block. The frequency observed is 609.523 Hz.

Fig.2 Frequency Spectrum of a Input data

The fundamental frequency component is at frequency of 9985.69 Hz. The THD is 56.99% & Signal to noise ratio is 0.33 dB.

Fig.3 Freq. Spectrum of a PCM Encoding of a Ground.

The THD is 145.87% & the SINAD is 0.81 dB. The fundamental frequency present is 609.70 Hz & the Fundamental Power is 0.14.

Fig.4 Power Spectrum of PCM Encoding of a data.

The THD is 121.01% & SINAD is 1.51 dB. The fundamental frequency present is at 625 Hz & the fundamental power is 0.13 .

Fig.5 Power Spectrum in dB scale of PCM Encoding.

The THD is 26.22% & SINAD is 0.33 dB. The fundamental frequency present is 10011.16 Hz.