Pulse Code Modulation Decoding


Fig.1 Setup of this experiment in block level diagram.

To experiment with PCM decoding you need PCM data. The first part of the experiment gets you to set up a PCM encoder. The PCM Encoding & Decoding blocks are shown in the Fig.1. The input of 0 Volts i.e. as Ground is given to the PCM Encoding Block with a Master Clock signal of 10 kHz. The PCM data obtained is shown in a Figure in calculation & observation part & i.e. is input to the next level of experiment i.e. PCM Decoding Block with the same Master Clock of 10 kHz because of synchronization requires between the encoded & the decoded wave to decode it back must know the timing instants at which it takes the samples of the signal. So, then after the Decoding is done, the decoded output wave i.e. the 0 V Ground wave is shown in the Fig.3.