Pulse Code Modulation Decoding


    Q.1    In _________ transmission, we send bits one after another without start or stop bits or gaps. It is the responsibility of the receiver to group the bits?
    A)    synchronous
    B)    asynchronous
    C)    isochronous
    D)    none of the above

    Q.2    The ________ rate defines the number of data elements sent in 1s; the ______ rate is the number of signal elements sent in 1s?
    A)    data; signal
    B)    signal; data
    C)    signal; data
    D)    none of the above

    Q.3   The signal rate is sometimes called the ____ rate?
    A)    baud
    B)    bit
    C)    Signal
    D)    None of these

    Q.4    In _______encoding, we use three levels: positive, zero, and negative?
    A)    polar
    B)    unipolar
    C)    bipolar
    D)    none of these