Frequency Shift Keying Signal


    Q.1    Determine the baud of a FSK signal with a Mask frequency 99 KHz, a space frequency of 101 KHz & a bit rate of 10 kbps?
    A)    5000 baud
    B)    10000 baud
    C)    20000 baud
    D)    40000 baud

    Q.2    Determine the Bandwidth for an FSK signal with a Mask frequency of 32 KHz, a space frequency is 24 KHz & a bit rate of 4 kbps?
    A)    12 KHz
    B)    16 KHz
    C)    20 KHz
    D)    22 KHz

    Q.3     The most common modulation system used in telegraphy is ?
    A)    Frequency Shift Keying
    B)    Single - tone Modulation
    C)    Two - tone Modulation
    D)    Pulse - code modulation

    Q.4   The most common circuit for demodulating FSK signal is the?
    A)    Balanced Modulator
    B)    Diode detector
    C)    Product Detector
    D)    PLL