FM - Demodulation


    Q.1    Circuits used to recover the original modulating signal from an FM transmission are called?
    A)    Modulators
    B)    Synthesizers
    C)    Discriminators
    D)    Deflectors

    Q.2    Which of the following is probably the most widely used FM demodulator?
    A)    Quadrature detector
    B)    Slope detector
    C)    Pulse-averaging discriminating
    D)    PLL Detector

    Q.3    Which multiplexer operates as a single-pole multiple-position mechanical or electronic switch that sequentially samples the multiple analog inputs at a high rate of speed?
    A)    Freq. division multiplexer
    B)    Phase shift multiplexer
    C)    Pulse-Amplitude Modulated multiplexer
    D)    Pulse width multiplexer

    Q.4    In what type of multiplexing does each signal occupy the entire bandwidth of the channel?
    A)    Frequency division multiplexing
    B)    Time division multiplexing
    C)    Pulse-Width multiplexing
    D)    Phase-shift multiplexing