Double - Sideband Suppressed - Carrier (DSB - SC) Modulation

Calculations & Observations

Fig.1 DSB - SC Modulated wave.

The Fig.1 shows the DSB-SC Modulation i.e. the Double Sideband - Suppressed Carrier Modulation in which the message signal is multiplied with the carrier signal without carrier being added into it.

The DSB - SC modulated signal has amplitude of 7.12 Volts (green signal) with the message signal (blue) of 2 kHz.

Fig.2 Frequency Spectrum of DSB-SC Modulation Signal.

In the Fig.2, the frequency spectrum of DSB - SC signal has a dominant frequency components present at 17300 Hz of 1.46 Volts & at 21500 Hz with 1.45 Volts. So the fundamental frequency component detected is at 17917.06 Hz with Fundamental frequency Power of 1.58. The THD is 0.22% & the SINAD is 3.06 dB.

Fig.3 Power Spectrum of DSB-SC Signal in dB scale.

In the Fig.3, the THD is 0.29% & the SINAD is 3.02 dB. The detected fundamental frequency component is present at 17916.95 Hz with the Power of 1.57. The two peaks shown here are the peaks that are dominant and are present at 17300 Hz of 50.54 mV & at 21500 Hz of 50.52 mV.