Amplitude Demodulation

Calculations & Observations

Vary the message signal's amplitude up and down a little by turning the Adder module's soft G control left and right a little while watching the demodulated signal.

Fig.1 AM Demodulated wave

The demodulated wave is shown in the Fig.1 i.e. the green one is demodulated wave & the blue one is Amplitude Modulated wave.

Fig.2 Frequency Spectrum of AM Demodulated signal.

In the Fig.2, Frequency spectrum of Amplitude Modulated wave has fundamental frequency component is at 2082.58 Hz with Fundamental Frequency Power component of 0.12. The THD is at 18.14% & a SINAD of 11.16 dB.

Fig.3 Power Spectrum of AM demodulation signal.

The Power Spectrum is shown in the Fig.3 i.e. having a THD of 19.94 % & with SINAD of 11.42 dB. The fundamental frequency detected is at 2083.41 Hz with corresponding Power of 0.12.