Voltage Doubler


Q.1     How many diodes and capacitor are used in voltage doubler circuit?
A)    1
B)    2
C)    4
D)    8
Ans : D

Q.2    When the temperature of a doped semiconductor is increased, its conductivity?
A)    Decreases
B)    Increases
C)    Does not change
D)    Increases or decreases depending on whether it is p or n-type
Ans : B

Q.3    The mean value of half wave rectified sine wave is?
A)    0.707 im
B)    0.66 im
C)    0.5 im
D)    0.318 im
Ans : D

Q.4    The form factor for half wave rectified sine wave is?
A)    1.0
B)    1.11
C)    1.44
D)    1.57
Ans : D

Q.5    The breakdown mechanism in a lightly doped p-n junction under reverse biased condition is called?
A)    Avalanche breakdown
B)    Zener breakdown
C)    Breakdown by tunneling
D)    High voltage breakdown
Ans : A