Diode Clipper


Q.1     What is another name for a clipper?
A)    A Limiter
B)    A DC Restorer
C)    A half - wave rectifier
Ans : A

Q.2    Which of the following is most commonly used to bias the diode in a biased shunt clipper?
A)    A battery
B)    A potentiometer connected to the circuit dc power supply
C)    An AC signal
Ans : B

Q.3    Which of the following is required to protect the signal source for a shunt clipper?
A)    A series current-limiting resistor placed between the source and the clipping diode.
B)    A bleeder resistor placed in parallel with the clipping diode.
C)    A zener diode placed in series with the clipping diode.
Ans : A

Q.4     The clipping action of a diode requires that its forward resistance:?
A)    Be zero
B)    Have a finite value
C)    Be infinite
D)    None of the above
Ans : A

Q.5    Refer to the circuit in the Figure 1., Refer to the output waveforms shown in Figure 2 and select the correct approximate output waveform?

A)    A
B)    B
C)    C
D)    D
Ans : C