Amplitude Shift Keying


    Q.1    These forms of amplitude-shift keying require a high ________ for their recovery, as by their nature much of the signal is transmitted at reduced power?
    A)    Noise
    B)    Peak Signal to Noise Ratio
    C)    Signal to Noise ratio
    D)    Johson - Nyquist noise

    Q.2   The amplitude of an analog carrier signal varies in accordance with the bit stream ( modulating signal ), keeping ________ and phase constant?
    A)    Bit Rate
    B)    Bit Error
    C)    Frequency
    D)    Amplitude

    Q.3   The ________ to make an error after a certain symbol has been sent can be modelled by a Gaussian function; the mean value will be the relative sent value, and its variance will be given by:?
    A)    Normal Distribution
    B)    Probability Density Function
    C)    Cumulative Distribution
    D)    Probability Distribution

    Q.4    A sine wave carrier cannot be modified by the intelligence signal through which of the following?
    A)    Amplitude Modulation
    B)    Pulse Modulation
    C)    Frequency Modulation
    D)    Phase Modulation