Summing Amplifier


Q.1     Which of the following is/are variations of the basic summing amplifier?
A)    Averaging amplifier
B)    Scaling amplifier
C)    Both of the above
D)    None of the above
Ans : C

Q.2    Refer to the given figure. With the inputs shown, determine the output voltage?
A)    1.05 V
B)    - 1.05 V
C)    0.35 V
D)    - 0.35 V
Ans : A

Q.3    The standard supply voltage for an ordinary operational amplifier is ______?
A)    15 V
B)    13 V
C)    12 V
D)    10 V
Ans : C

Q.4    The type of feedback used for closed loop configuration is _______?
A)    Positive Feedback
B)    Negative Feedback
C)    Both
D)    None of the above
Ans : B

Q.5    A(n) ______ amplifier is a summing amplifier with a closed-loop gain equal to the reciprocal of the number of inputs?
A)    Averaging
B)    Scaling
C)    Both
D)    None of the above
Ans : A